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ImproveStats Team:

Alysson Jalles da Silva¹
1- Founder and Consulter

Gustavo Hugo F. Oliveira
Associated and Consulter

About ImproveStats Project:

    ImproveStats: A set of routines for experimental statistics and genetic designs.

    The ImproveStats project was created in January 2015 by Alysson Jalles  aiming to create routines applied to experimental statistics and plant/animal breeding in software involving programming language. A priori the SAS software (ImproveSAS) was used to create the routines, however, the secondary aim of the project is to expand ImproveStats routines for other modern programming languages oriented to statistics, e.g (R (ImproveR), Python (ImprovePython), etc.) and put the routines in the largest public site of routines in the world

    Over time biometric models applied to phenotypic data and genomic molecular evolve, so it is important to the researcher/breeder having updated tools to facilitate statistical analysis. 

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